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We submit To MAA MAHA KAALI The Divine Mother Of the universe, The Ultimate Reality

“Why is Maa Maha Kaali So Radiantly Black?
Because She Is So Powerful,
That even mentioning Her “Name” Destroys delusion.
Because She Is So Beautiful,
lord shiva, conquerer of death,
lies blissfully vanquished,
When She Awakens In The Lotus Shrine
Within the heart’s secret cave,
Her Blackness Becomes The Mystic Illumination
That Causes the twelve petals blossom there
to glow more intensely than golden embers.”

– A devotional poem Dedicated To Maa Maha Kaali
by ramprasad sen

Maa MahaKaali Is The Supreme Divine Mother Of universal power, time, life, death, and both rebirth and liberation. Maa Maha Kaali Is Divine Consciousness, The Basis of reality and existence. The Divine Mother Maa Maha Kaali, Is The Ultimate Reality And The Infinite Self.

Devotees should worship Maa Maha Kaali With deepest devotion and sincerity for Her Constant Grace And Blessings.



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