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Meditations on Maa Maha Kaali

Maa Kaali Is The Supremely Powerful One Who Has A Intimidating Face. One should meditate on Maa Kaali As Having Disheveled Hair and a garland of freshly cut human heads; With Four Arms, In Her Upper Left She Holds a Sword bloodied by severed head which She Holds in Her Lower Left Hand; With Her Upper Right Hand Making Gesture of assurance and Her Lower Right Hand with the sign of Granting Favours. Her Skin Is Bluish; The Divine Mother Should be Visualised Completely Naked; Her Body Gleams with blood that is smeared all over Her Body, from the garland of bleeding severed heads Around Her Neck. She Wears a girdle made of human hands. Her Ear Ornaments are the corpses of children. Her fangs Dreadful, Her Face Is Fierce. Blood trickles from The Corners Of Her Mouth Making Her Face Gleam. Her Sound Is Terrible. She Lives in the cremation ground, surrounded by howling jackals; She Stands on the chest of Siva in the form of corpse, Eager For Union. She Has Satisfied Expression. She Smiles.



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Maa Maha Kaali

Maa Maha KaaliIn What Seems Merciless Hides The Miracles Of Her Mercy The Divine Devourer Of time,The Ultimate Destroyer Of illusions,The Benevolent Bestower Of freedom,The Divine