MahaVidya (Dus MahaVidyas)

By learning from and internalizing Each Great Cosmic Wisdom Teaching From Each Of The Dus Maa MahaVidyas, sincere devotees can advance on the path of Self-Realization and liberation, keeping in mind the well-being of all.

Each Great Cosmic Wisdom Form Of Maa Maha Kaali Lead the sincere devotees from one step to another on the ladder of spiritual evolution. It is said in the tantric traditions that, in lifetime, if one is able to properly worship even One Form Of The Divine Mother, that life shall Be Blessed with liberation By The Divine Mother Of The Universe.

Let’s learn more about The Ten Cosmic Wisdom Forms Of The Divine Mother.

1. Maa Kaali

The journey towards transcendence begins with Maa Kaali, The First Maa MahaVidya And The Dynamic Aspect Of The Ultimate Reality. Maa Kaali Is The Devourer Of time. And As The Divine Mother Of Dissolution Of time And Of death and destruction, Maa Kaali Imparts The Great Wisdom Related to transformation. While Pervading all manifested duality, She Remains Beyond it, In non-duality, And Teaches How To transform the lower ego-based self by detaching from all things transient and worldly.


2. Maa Tara

Maa Tara, The Second Maa MahaVidya, Is Fierce As Well As All-Gracious And Compassionate. As Her Fierce Expression, Maa Tara Protects all sincere seekers from danger. As The Approachable Benevolent Mother She Guides sincere seekers to cross the ocean of worldly existence and to attain liberation from ego, worldly bondages, and karma.


3. Maa Tripura Sundari (Maa Shodashi) 


The Third Maa MahaVidya, Maa Tripura Sundari (Maa Shodashi) Teaches How to purify our awareness By Cleansing the mind off unworthy thoughts, Showing beauty everywhere and in everything, And Raising the awareness of unity and oneness in all of existence. Maa Tripura Sundari Is Not Only The Beauty That Is Seen In the world externally, But Also The Beauty Which Resonates Deep Within an aware mind. By meditating On The Three-World Transcending Beauty Of Maa Tripura Sundari, the devotees Are Guided to find joy and compassion externally and internally, which gradually lead them to attain the state of awareness of the oneness of existence.


4. Mata Bhuvaneshwari

Mata Bhuvaneshwari, The Fourth Maa MahaVidya Revered As The Empress Of The Universe Teaches How To reach beyond the limitations of human existence and gain True Self-Knowledge. She Is The Supreme Embodiment Of manifested existence. All That humans experience in this life and this world Is The Manifestation Of The Divine Mother Maa Bhuvaneshwari. As the Gracious Nurturing Divine Mother She Sustains all that She Has Given Birth To. Her worship enables sincere devotees to overcome The Veil Of Maa MahaMaya and attain realization Of Absolute Reality And The Greater Self by reaching beyond the limitations of the human body, mind, personality, and life.


5. Maa Bhairavi

Maa Bhairavi, The Fifth Maa MahaVidya Is The Awe-Inspiring Form Of Maa Maha Kaali. Maa Bhairavi Symbolizes the ability to attain the state that is beyond the fear of death, which, in vedanta, is referred to as the ‘state-of-brahman’. Sincere worship of Maa Bhairavi, Teaches devotees how to burn away the ego from which all fears arise, and attain liberation by rising above all fear.


6. Maa ChinnaMasta

Maa ChinnaMasta The Seventh Maa MahaVidya Is The Divine Mother Of Self-Sacrifice And Altruism. Maa ChinnaMasta Is The Provider Of life-force, Her Enigmatic Depiction Symbolizes And Teaches The Truth Of The Supreme-Self, Which Is Boundless, Selfless, Self-Dependent And Nurturing. She Also Teaches Her devotees to look within in introspection and enable themselves to sever their false sense of self in the service of others, as all cumulate as one existence. In the act of self-sacrifice and awareness of oneness, devotees attain liberation.


7. Mata BagalaMukhi

The Sixth Maa MahaVidya, Maa BagalaMukhi Is The Controller Of Expression. She Teaches How To Stop both the creative and destructive powers of thoughts, intentions, and all forms of speech, and make the mind silent and still to find peace and higher states of consciousness. Devotees should worship Maa BagalaMukhi sincerely To Be Blessed With self-control over their chitta vrittis, in order to attain a still and peaceful mind that may lead to higher states of consciousness.


8. Maa Matangi

Maa Matangi Provides The Guidance to go beyond limitations forged in the mind, or through social conditioning, of differences, divides, caste, classification, and Provides the power to see through all faux-layers superimposed into the purity of life’s description. With The Divine Blessings And Guidance, one achieves liberation.


9. Maa DhumaVati 

Maa DhumaVati Is The Ninth Maa MahaVidya Who Imparts Yet Another Deep Cosmic Wisdom. Maa DhumaVati Symbolizes the dark side of life, Teaching Her sincere devotees About The Omnipresence Of The Divine Mother, Even In what is ordinarily considered foul or ugly. Maa DhumaVati Symbolizes the impermanence of human existence And Helps Cultivate a sense of detachment, which leads to spiritual liberation. Maa DhumaVati Is A Blessing In Disguise, Teaching How adversity can build character and turn an ordinary soul into an extraordinary one.


10. Mata Kamala 

The Last And Tenth Maa MahaVidya Is Maa Kamala Who Symbolizes the world of the here and now. She Provides Her children With good fortune, prosperity, abundance, and well-being But Teaches Not To ask for more than needed. Maa Kamala Teaches the most important lesson of balance. She Also Teaches To pray and strive for the well-being of all others, And To strive for the higher wealth of righteousness, which includes devotion, kindness, compassion, truthfulness, and all forms of virtue. By Teaching virtue, Maa Kamala Leads devotees to seek even higher knowledge of Self-Realization.


By learning from and internalizing Each Great Cosmic Wisdom Teaching From Each Of The Dus Maa MahaVidyas, sincere devotees can advance on the path of Self-Realization and liberation, keeping in mind the well-being of all.



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