MAA MAHA KAALI – The Divine Consciousness In Motion

Who in this world
can understand really
Maa Maha Kaali?
The six systems of philosophy
remain powerless to describe Her.
She Is The Inmost Awareness
Of the sage who realizes
that Consciousness Alone Exists.
She Is The Life Blossoming Within
the creatures of the universe.
Both macrocosm and microcosm
are lost Within Divine Mother’s Womb.
Now can you sense
how Indescribable She Is?

– by Bhakti poet Ramprasad Sen

Maa Maha Kaali Symbolizes Divine Consciousness In Motion – Projecting, Sustaining, and Withdrawing the Universe. All That Maa Maha Kaali Projects abide In Her And She Alone Exists In this universe Of Her Own Creation.



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Maa Maha Kaali

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