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Destruction of chanda munda By MAA MAHA KAALI

chanda and munda symbolize pra-vrtti and ni-vrtti, the two patterns of chitta vrittis. Pra-vrtti is passionate pursuit of what is attractive to the senses while ni-vrtti is a sensitive withdrawal from what has been hurtful in the past. They serve ‘asmita’ (ego) or the false-self. However, what appears negative can be transformed to serve positively. But for that, they need to lose their asuric identity. chanda and munda are asuric as long as they serve the false-self.

Death of chanda and munda At The Hands Of MAA MAHA KAALI Symbolizes spiritual transformation. Once spiritually transformed By The Fiery Power Of MAA MAHA KAALI, pra-vrtti and ni-vrtti cease to be asuric. Then pra-vrtti can attract towards self-realization and ni-vrtti can bring true detachment or vairagya, leading to spiritual liberation.



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